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Automatic Sports Scheduling

Never again will you have to struggle with the task of creating schedules for your sports organization. PlayAYF Automatic Sports Scheduling makes creating, modifying and managing your sports schedules easy–no matter the size!

Automatically Create Schedules.

Our AutoScheduler will create your entire schedule in minutes! Simply tell the system the number of games, length of games and the availability of your resources (fields) and the system will instantly create a complete schedule for you.

Modify or make any custom changes to your schedule as needed and then "publish" your schedule. Your schedules will automatically be reflected on your team websites.

Modifying Schedules

Managing your schedules has never been easier! At a glance see which resources have free time and which rain-out games still need re-scheduling.

With built in conflict checking the system will ensure your resources are never double booked. As soon as your schedule has been published they are instantly reflected on your team websites.




Instantly Post Schedules

Schedule changes appear automatically! Whenever you add or modify a scheduled event the system will instantly update all of the league and team website to reflect the change.

Parents and players can download and subscribe to their own team calendars via iCal so their personal calendars will always be up to day.




Import Schedules

Have a pre-made schedule? Whether you're given travel team schedules or your league schedule is just a little too crazy for the AutoScheduler, the Excel schedule import tool is a simple way to get all of your schedules into the system.

Simply use the uploader tool and your schedules will automatically be uploaded into the system. 

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PlayAYF is AYF's Online Registration and Team Management solution for AYF/AYC Conferences and Associations.

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