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Team Communication Tool
Our AutoScheduler makes it Easy for You to interact with your members - with online communication and scheduling tools that are fast, powerful, and easy-to-use. Team Schedule Publisher makes it Easy for All of your coaches, player and parents to stay informed - anytime, anywhere.

With PlayAYF, managing your teams communication has never been easier. Our team communication service allows coaches, players, and parents to stay connected from any internet connected computer or mobile device. 

Easy for You, Easy for All

AutoScheduler improves your team communication and eliminates the hassle of team management. Publish game and practice schedules to your members with PlayAYF's communication software.

Need to cancel a game/practice due to bad weather? PlayAYF Football Scheduler gives you the communication tools to alert all your team members several days in advance or on "short notice." This team communication service will help you eliminate the need to publish schedules on spreadsheets or word files, as each schedule is associated with specific team(s) in the PlayAYF online system


  • Ability to enter all locations/facilities to the database

    • Can include map links and other location/facility attributes

  • Ability to enter all scheduled games and practices into the database

  • Coach/manage/or admin can create each event, which includes:

    • Home games, away games, practices, or "other"

    • Date/Time of event

    • Location (selected from the previously entered locations)

  • The schedules are directly linked to team(s), and since the system knows the relationship between the two - instead of having to navigate through everyone's schedule, players and parents only see their schedule.

  • Changes or additions to the schedule are automatically updated to players and parents, by email

  • All emails contain a URL link to members schedules

  • Access schedules with your mobile devices and from team websites

About PlayAYF


PlayAYF is AYF's Online Registration and Team Management solution for AYF/AYC Conferences and Associations.

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