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easyAlert™ Communication Feature

EasyAlert Text Messaging

Convenient Sports Team Text Messaging Tool

Ever hear one of your team members say, “I didn’t receive that email or telephone call?" Have an important message PlayAYF's has a feature called easyA!ert to solve that issue.  easyA!ert is a communication tool allowing sports administrators, volunteers and coaches to easily select and send users a quick alert to be received through text messaging and email. 

  • Say goodbye to using a third party service to send texts to your football or cheer association members. 
  • No more "phone tree," or making twenty telephone calls to cancel a practice due to thunderstorms or a last minute schedule change. 

Easy Text Messaging Opt-In for Sports Players, Volunteers & Coaches

With easyA!ert, your sports organization members can easily enable text messaging on any mobile phone in their account. When an easyA!ert is sent, it is automatically delivered to all enabled mobile phone numbers and email addresses on an account.  

Ad Free Text Messaging

Meaning, there are no third party ads on your messages.

Need to Get an Alert Out Fast?

Send a TeamSHOUT - an easyA!ert feature that allows sports administrators and coaches to send text messages directly from their mobile devices.

easyAlert: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an easyA!ert?

A. An easyA!ert is a way to send a time sensitive, broadcast message to your members/teams using text messaging and email. It is ideal for communicating field closures,game cancellations, or other important information.

Q. Who can send easyA!ert messages?

A. System administrators can send an easyA!ert to select groups of people (e.g. teams, divisions, or other selections). Assigned team helpers (e.g. coaches, managers) can send an easyA!ert to select members of their team(s). There are no send limits, so fire away.

Q. Who can receive easyA!ert messages

A. Your members must opt-in their phone(s) to receive easyAlert messages by text message from their account. If they do not opt-in, the easyAlert will be delivered by default to their email address. Note: Users who have selected, “Do Not Email” (now displayed as “Turn Off All Communications” in their Account Settings, will not receive easyAlert messages. There will be a notice in their account with a link to Re-Enable Communications.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The easyA!ert feature is complete FREE to PlayAYF customers!  Yes, we said it...completely FREE (unlike some of other services).  It's important to note that sending mass text messages must be done through wireless carriers, therefore it does cost money for each message sent, BUT PlayAYF will foot the bill for our services. 

Q. Can our members REPLY to an easyA!ert?

A. They can reply to the text message, but nobody will be listening. easyA!ert is a broadcast service only, so the communications are one way only. That does not stop you from entering your phone number if you want people to reply directly to or call you.

Q. What phone number will the easyA!ert come from?

A. All easyA!ert text messages to your association members will originate from the .

Q. How will our association members know who the text message is from?

A. When an easyA!ert is sent from an administrator, the text will come from an eight character designator used to identify your association. The descriptor is set within the easyA!ert Management page in the PlayAYF registration system. When sent from a helper, the text message will begin with the sports organization’s designator then the helper’s first initial and last name.

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