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Introducing TeamSHOUT

TeamSHOUT part of easyAlert™ is a communication tool allowing sports administrators, volunteers and coaches to easily select and send users a quick alert to be received through text messaging and email. There are no send limits, so fire away! The easyAlert feature is completely FREE to PlayAYF's online registration customers. 

Requirements for Using TeamSHOUT

  1. The organization must be a SportsSignup customer
  2. The "Sender" must opt-in their mobile phone to send messages by text
  3. The Sender must be a Team Helper, not just any parents
  4. The Sender my be connected to a team within the SportsSignup online registration system.
  5. Team communication mode must be set to "Whole Team Access"
  6. The word "SHOUT" must precede any Text Message to the team
  7. All Messages sent using this method should be less than 140 characters. Most phones have the ability to display the character count while creating text messages to make it easy
  8. All TeamSHOUT text messages to your sports organization member will originate and must be sent to the "short code" 698326 - (MYTEAM)

Here's How TeamSHOUT Works

Have you ever been a coach that finds himself scrambling to cancel practice last minute? Well, with SportsSignup's new TeamSHOUT, a new easyAlert feature you can now send team text messages from any mobile phone directly, without login or access to a mobile browser (your mobile phone must be able to send text messages). 

Coaches send a text message to: MYTEAM ("short code" 698326) and must precede their text message with the word "shout", which will indicate that this message is intended for the coaches team. Within a few seconds, the message is sent to the entire team and a confirmation is sent back to the coach from SportsSignup easyAlert. Note: Just like with an easyAlert members cannot respond to your TeamSHOUT message.


TeamSHOUT messages are sent as a standard easyAlert message, which means EVERYONE on the team, including other Team Helpers (coaches, managers, parents volunteers, etc) will receive an email with the notice, and a Text Message if their phone(s) is/are opted-in to easyAlerts.

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