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Concussion Awareness

Automate Training & Testing
What's your game plan for managing concussion awareness? PlayAYF makes it easy for you by integrating the CDC's Heads Up to Concussion curriculum and "exam" into the online registration process.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), each year, U.S. emergency departments (EDs) treat an estimated 173,285 sports- and recreation-related TBIs, including concussions, among children and adolescents, from birth to 19 years.   Children and teens are more likely to get a concussion and take longer to recover than adults.

Concussion Awareness - it's required!  

AYF strives to reduce Concussions through awareness -  all Flag/Tackle/Cheer Coaches must, at least, complete the online CDC Heads Up Online Concussion Training.  A copy of the certificate of completion and successful scoring on the CDC Concussion test must be kept in the team/squad book.

PlayAYF Simplifies your Process

PlayAYF turns this required task it into an automated process.  PlayAYF has embedded the CDC’s Head’s Up to Concussion training content and “exam” into the registration flow, as Registration Rule. When the rule is activated, Registrants (you decide which Roles) will be prompted to read certain educational materials, and then complete a quiz to test their knowledge.  A Certificate of Completion can be printed once a score of 80% or higher has been achieved—registrants can repeat the test as often as needed to pass.

Training Material & Concussion Quiz Sample

Certificate of Completion sample:


How do we Get Started?

The "Online Quiz Requirement" Registration Rule already exists in your system. 

1.  Activate the Registration Rule

  • From the Admin Homepage select Setup>Registration Settings>Registration Rules
  • Select your preferred "Rule Blocking Behavior":
    • No Blocking - Registrant does NOT have to achieve a passing score to complete their registration.
    • Blocks Registration - Registrant MUST achieve a passing score of 80% or better to complete their registration. 
  • Save Changes

2.  Assign the Rule 

  • Go to Registrations>Manage Programs>select a Program
  • Click blue button "Registration Rules"
  • Choose "Online Quiz Requirement" for "Assign Rule"
  • Select the Roles you want to be tested>Save Changes
  • Repeat the assignment steps for all applicable Programs


How often will Registrants need to re-take the Training/Quiz?

Volunteers need to review the training materials and pass the quiz once every two years.  Registrants that have satisfied the quiz requirement will not be prompted to take the quiz during any other registration within the two year period.


How do Admins know who has passed the Quiz?

We suggest you create a custom report that includes the "Quiz Score" to quickly check status and results.

What is the Cost?

There is no additional cost for the Concussion training and quiz module--it is available to all Associations using PlayAYF for Online Registration and/or KidSafePlus Background Checks.


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