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Your Gear. Your Store. Online.
We make it easy for your participants to register online, volunteer, and buy team designed sports gear year round - anytime, anywhere.

MySportStore Service Details


MySportsStore makes it easy for your participants to register, volunteer and then also buy your fundraising products or “official” gear all in one simple checkout process. MySportsStore is open 24/7, and items can be purchased before, during or after registration.

Key Benefits:

  • Sell Whatever You Want - Clothing, logo'd merchandise, tickets, or fundraising bricks...whatever! For clothing, easily add sizes, colors and styles. All the tools are there to add your items.
  • Increase Sales - Your products will be displayed during the registration process, and items can be purchased in the same shopping cart as their registration. Timing is everything!
  • Gather Custom Information with Ease - Use custom questions to gather additional order information–including surcharge questions. For example, "embroider your item for $5 more?"
  • Fulfill However You Want - Easy reporting tools are provided to fulfill orders placed. You can fulfill your own orders or grant real-time access to a third-party fulfillment partners.
  • Track Inventory - Inventory on-hand can be tracked and monitored so, in the event you run low, members can't purchase something you've run out of. Like to take orders THEN order inventory? No problem! Just take the orders and payments and ship as needed.
  • Track Purchases - When a family or individual makes a purchase, their data is immediately reflected in a report for your authorized administrators.
  • Affordable - It doesn't cost anything to create and open a store. For each item sold, a small fee is assessed at 10% of the sale price, capped at $2.00 per item. For example, if you sell a hat at $9.50, the MySportsStore fee is $0.95. If you sell a jacket for $95.00, the fee is only $2.00.

Financial Management

For the families who prefer to pay by credit card, you can now offer that option.  Credit card revenue is collected immediately and funds are electronically deposited into your bank account through a Merchant Account.

Now you can:

  • Offer MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as payment methods
  • Get payments in the door much faster
  • Save your treasurer the hassle of depositing and recording hundreds of checks
  • Receive statements of all account activity each month

Online Tools

With our online registration tools, you can email whoever you want to reach. Email is a cost effective and immediate way to contact your members after they have purchased items from MySportsStore.

Send notifications 

  • Automatically emails payment receipts and shipping notifications
  • Personalize emails alerting members on sales or newly stocked items

Online Reporting

Our online system has a centralized database. When a family or individual makes a purchase, their data is immediately reflected in a report for your authorized administrators. You can authorize various groups to run different reports.

A central database means:

  • Reports are always current
  • Information can be accessed by any person you authorize
  • No need to shuffle papers around to various people - reports have all the information anyone needs

And you can immediately see:

  • What team sports clothing has been purchased
  • What quantity amounts have been purchased
  • How much the organization has collected

Safety and Security

We provide a highly secure and safe platform for managing your sports organization. We meet or exceed industry standards for security, data protection, and user privacy:

  • The entire system operates under SSL encryption to protect credit card information and other personal information
  • Our payment technology is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) certified
  • Your data is backed up daily and stored in a secure database by an internationally recognized hosting company
  • Database information can only be accessed by people you authorize
  • Family/Account information is protected by a user-defined password
  • Your data is never sold or redistributed by SportsSignup in any manner

About PlayAYF


PlayAYF is AYF's Online Registration and Team Management solution for AYF/AYC Conferences and Associations.

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