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Your AYF Online Solution

Easy for You. Easy for All.
We make it easy for you to manage and interact with your AYF participants. And, we make it easy for all of your AYF participants to register and volunteer, securely - anytime, anywhere.

The ONE Automated Sports Management System

When football organizations automate their football management process, it makes the life of football administrators, coaches, parents and players easier! PlayAYF's one-stop shopping offers an affordable, fully-integrated line of Football Management Services that include:

Oh, and remember – There's no charge during your 30-Day Trial. Trials are fully-featured, meaning you get to use all of our Online Football Management tools. Charges are only incurred when you "activate" during your trial period. If you don't activate your account then you will not be charged:

Online Sports Registration

PlayAYF has a unique, affordable and easy-to-use online registration system with these great benefits:

  • Personalized training and setup.
  • Access your online registration system from any internet connected mobile device.
  • Affordable per-registrant fees.  
  • Easy-to-use, frees administrators from the burdensome task of registering each participant manually.
  • Allows individual players, families and teams to register online, 24/7.
  • Fees deposited into your bank quickly and securely with credit card processing.
  • easyA!ert™ Text Messaging Feature allows you to get urgent messages out fast and ad free–with no 3rd party ads.
  • TeamWALL keeps all of your team communication and management tools in one central hub. 
  • A team manager tool lets you easily create teams with coaches.
  • Keep everyone on time and in the know with the Team Schedule Publisher.
  • Social sharing is 100% customizable and will boost your registration numbers.

KidSafePlus® Volunteer Background Checking

PlayAYF has created a fully-integrated coach and volunteer background checks system, KidSafePlus. Our online background check system is one of the most powerful coach and background check systems available for youth sports organizations–which integrates with online registration, and is why thousands of parents entrust us to protect their youth athletes.

  • SportSignup is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which mandates the proper processes and procedures for handling consumer disclosure and disputes.
  • KidSafePlus helps to ensure that your coach and volunteer background screenings are being conducted under the strictest oversight of the law.
  • Our system also reduces the burden of case management with fully automated processing that lets your risk management volunteers focus on reviewing the incidents.
  • With one fully integrated background check system - All of the KidSafePlus information resides within your online registration system.

Sports Organization and Team Websites

Create clean, easy to read sports organization and team websites, that look good! With PlayAYF football websites, your sports organization and sports teams can get their own customizable websites that update automatically.

  • Create and manage web content for your sports organization, including individual sports teams.
  • Promote online sports registration, with registration links, on your home page.
  • Our content management system (CMS) allows you to create visually appealing sports organization and team websites that rival anything available on the market.
  • Interactive news feeds allow you to create informative sports organization and team content.
  • When you create team and game schedules, your events will appear on your sports website for all to see.
  • Track game scores throughout the season and present them on your home page.
  • Track and publish sports game and player statistics to your sports leagues websites.
  • Offer and promote sponsorship opportunities.
  • Display team pictures proud with great looking photo galleries.

Manage & Communicate with Teams Using TeamWALL™

TeamWALL places all of your team communication & management tools into one central hub. Giving coaches, parents and players the tools for real-time group communication and much more!  

  • Stay in touch with all of your coaches, parents, players and members with broadcast emails.
  • Encourage team members to opt in for easyA!ert team text messages, so they can receive important information via team text messages. An easyA!ert can be sent by sports administrators and coaches.
  • With Team Chat your sports teams members can post or comment to fellow parents, coaches or players on a real-time team message board. Members must be on the same team in order to communicate with eachother.
  • Once players have registered, sports administrators or coaches (if applicable) can create rosters and place players on teams, directly from TeamWALL–using a simple drag and drop tool.
  • Once sports administrators have created teams coaches, parents and players can view and print their rosters directly from their online system.
  • Create and manage multiple team schedules using Automatic Sports Schedule Tools. Once schedules are posted, your coaches, parents and players can view, print, or subscribe to their teams schedule.

MySportsStore® eCommerce

MySportsStore is the only sports management solution that integrates your sports store with your online registration system. Your Gear. Your Store. Online. 

  • Sell anything–clothing, logo'd merchandise, tickets, or fundraising bricks...whatever!
  • Fully-integrated with online sports registration.
  • Product kits allow you to bundle multiple items together as a group and give it one price.
  • Allows families and team members to purchase official "team gear" on lie, 24/7.
  • Easily add sizes, colors and styles. All the tools are there to add your item.
  • Packages merchandise items into a "kit," making it easy to offer multiple items at one price. (i.e. uniforms).
  • Use custom questions to gather additional order information. 
  • Send automatic confirmation emails after products are purchased.
  • Data is automatically reflected in a report for your authorized store administrators.

About PlayAYF


PlayAYF is AYF's Online Registration and Team Management solution for AYF/AYC Conferences and Associations.

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