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Your Solution for Football Websites

Create your websites for your football organization the way you want it and update with schedules, player stats, announcements and more with the click of a button!

Football Websites

Finally. Football websites that actually look good. It has to look good. Just because you run an amateur sports organization it doesn't mean your website has to look amateur. Preset templates were created by professional web designers. They are customizable and look good right from day one! 

What Do You Get With Football Websites?

  • Websites for Sports Organizations - We provide your sports organization with preset page templates which have been created by professional web designers. They are customizable and look good right from day one.
  • Websites for Football Teams - Every sports team within your football organization will receive their own football website, which can be updated/managed by coaches–if you permit.
  • Interactive News Feed - Whether you're adding organizational wide announcements or a coach is updating game summaries, your sports website will post those announcement on an interactive new feed on your home page.
  • Promote Online Football Registration - Link your online player registration to your home page with registration links and banners.
  • Schedules and Standing will Update Automatically - Your football organization and team websites will always be up to date–as soon as a score is entered by your web administrator.
  • Post Game Results - Once games have completed and your web administrators have entered the game scores they will appear automatically on your sports website.
  • Track Game and Player Stats - Statistics for all sports are directly built into the system and available for immediate use.
  • Add Sponsors - Easily integrate your organization and team sponsors within your website and offer special sponsorship opportunities to local or national businesses.
  • Create Photo Galleries - Display your sports organization and team pictures proud with great looking photo galleries.

What Can You Do With Football Websites

Content Management Tools

Updating sports organizations web content has never been easier. Our "what you see is what you get" article editor is one of the most easy to use web editors available. We give you a full list of content options and you get to decide what you want, or don't want, to appear on your sports website.

Create your own web content:

  • Choose which menu section your content will appear on
  • Give administrative web access to specific individuals, such as team coaches
  • Push important news articles to all sports team websites or specific divisions
  • Create a headline
  • Allow members to comment on your news posts
  • Display preview text
  • Create an descriptive content body text
  • Add an image that correlates to your new content

Tracking Player Statistics

Some sports organizations have dedicated statisticians who spends their time slaving over score books, manual inputing players game stats into a excel spread sheet. However, there's not always a platform to present them. With our sports websites you now have a place to present player stats for all to see, and enjoy!

You decide what to track:

  • Make your stats available for everyone that visits your website or only to logged in team members
  • All of the "average" and other formula statistics are calculated instantly and automatically by our system
  • If you don't see a statistic that relates to your sport, you can create a custom stats
  • Only track the statistics you want
  • Feature "Team Stat Leaders" on your home page

Game Results and Standings

Your sports organization and team websites will always be up to date. As soon as a score is entered for a game the Results, Schedules and Standings pages will automatically be updated. This not only keeps your site looking relevant and fresh, but it keeps everyone informed to the latest game developments.

Informative website:

  • Post divisional and team standings on your sports organizations website
  • The moment you make a change or enter a game score, your standings will automatically update
  • If you have multiple divisions your sports website will scroll through each divisional standings
  • After games have completed, your web administrators can create post game reports that will appear on your news feed
  • Once scores are entered game results are reflected on your sports website

Post Game Schedules

When game schedules are posted by sports administrators they will automatically appear on your sports websites. Allowing sports parents and team members to view the overall sports schedules from your sports organizations website, or their specific teams schedule from their team website.

Keep everyone informed:

  • Team schedules are posted in multiple places and are easy to access from any computer or web-ready mobile phone
  • Parents and players can subscribe and download their sports schedule to their desktop or smartphones calendar
  • Create tournament brackets for single and double elimination, or seeded sports tournaments
  • Our auto-scheduler will create your entire schedule in minutes
  • Schedules are linked to members TeamWALL account

Safety and Security

We provide a highly secure and safe platform for managing your sports organizations websites. We meet or exceed industry standards for security, data protection, and user privacy.

We've got your back:

  • The entire system operates under SSL encryption to product credit card information and other personal information.
  • Your data is backed up daily and stored in a secure database by an internationally recognized hosting company.
  • Your data is never sold or redistributed by SportsSignup in any manner.



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