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The Ultimate App for Coaches to Run Their Team

Coaches will wonder how they ever lived without it. The NEW TeamWALL mobile app will be the ultimate tool Coaches need to manage their PlayAYF created Teams. Parents and Players will love it too! They'll be able to take advantage of many of the same TeamWALL features as Coaches, so they too will have the latest Team information in the palm of their hand. The app will be available for download for iPhone and Android. Look for it in your mobile app store this April.

League Management Mobile App
  • Free Download

  • Communicate via Email and Text

  • Add Schedules and Events

  • Real Time Player Attendance

  • New and Improved TeamChat

  • Add Scores Immediately After Games

  • Team News and Announcements 

  • Up-to-Date League Standings

League Management Mobile App
Communicate via Email and Text 

The trouble and confusion of communicating with Team Parents and Players will be a thing of the past with TeamWALL. Coaches will be able to instantly communicate with some or all of their Team Members with one simple click. 

Imagine a Coach being able to send immediate messages to their entire Team regarding a rainout or cancellation? With TeamWALL Coaches can easily send emails or text messages instantly so Team Members always have the most up to date information. 

League Management Mobile App

Add Schedules and Events

The TeamWALL app will automatically have League/Club scheduled games available for viewing the TeamWALL app. If a change is made to the schedule in the SportsSignup system it will automatically be reflected within the app. 

Coaches also have the ability to create and modify their own events within the TeamWALL app. This includes Games, Practices and other Team events such as Team BBQs or Team Picture days. Location Maps, Player Attendance and detailed event descriptions are available for each and every event in TeamWALL app. 

League Management Mobile App
Real Time Player Attendance

There is nothing worse for a Coach than not knowing WHO may or may not be coming to an upcoming Game or Practice. With TeamWALL this information is at each Coaches fingertips.

Coaches can now have the knowledge in REAL-TIME of exactly who is "Attending", "Not Attendings" or is still "Unknown" for each individual Game and  Practice.

Players and Parents have the ability to enter their attendance status within the TeamWALL app and for those who forget, they are sent gentle email reminders with easy "one-click" game attendance links.

League Management Mobile App
New and Improved TeamChat

Nothing is more frustrating than the Team wide, hard to follow email threads that you may or may not be interested in or a part of. Or even worse, email threads that are not relevant to you. 

With TeamWALL and the TeamChat feature, Players and Parents can have structured, easy to read Team conversation about everything from carpool plans, to who's responsible for those tasty Team snacks.

The easy to use TeamChat interface makes it simple and fun to interact with your Team. TeamChat is just another great Sports Team Communication Tool integrated into the TeamWALL app.

League Management Mobile App
Add Scores Immediately After Games

Everyone wants to know the game scores as quickly as possible. Whether it's Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Aunt Betty...everyone wants to know how little Johnny's Team did in the latest Games.

With TeamWALL the Coach has the ability to enter scores DIRECTLY from the app. And as soon as that game score is entered, the SportsSignup system automatically updates the League/Club Sports Websites results page and automatically calculates and updates the League/Club Divisional Standings page.

League Management Mobile App
Team News and Announcements

Sometimes a Coach simply needs to post information out to their Team. It could be important downloadable forms or other important attachments. But it could also be information that is relevant all Season long such as Team snacks and refreshment schedules. Team News can also be fun with Game Recap articles highlighting all the great events and plays of the latest Game. 

Whatever the News...TeamWALL has it covered with simple interfaces to add and edit this content. And, don't forget the photos! Photo Galleries are also a great feature of TeamWALL.

Up-to-Date League Standings

The games are always fun, but everyone likes to know where they are in the elusive "League Standings". With the SportsSignup System everything is connected. 

From Divisions to Registration to Teams to Schedules, the benefit of this connection is shared data. When a Game Score is entered, that triggers the system to, among other things, automatically recalculate and redisplay the Division Standings. Every TeamWALL app gets updated, the League/Club website is automatically updated and the results are accurate and consistent.  

Now Available for Download on iPhone and Android!

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