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PlayAYF System Real-Time Team Chat

Easy-to-Use Sports Team Message Board

As you may have experienced, email is not always the fastest or best way to facilitate communication with your sports association's teams. Hitting the "reply-all" button can get quite overwhelming when 20+ members are involved. You may have tried to communicate with players and coaches via social media sites, but have found that some people just don’t have or want an account, or that it's not private enough. Well, PlayAYF has created the Team Chat communication feature solution for effortless and immediate communication from American Youth Football & Cheer to team members.

Private Notifications for Players and Coaches

PlayAYF online registration system users can post messages, receive notifications when someone comments on their post and view all sports team communications, all within their password-protected PlayAYF online sports management account. The Team Chat is a real-time sports association message board, where anyone on the team can post or comment on other posts. Some examples? A sports parent making a carpool request, a coach telling the team they had an awesome game, or a sports administrator or team manager asking for help to deal with equipment prior to the game. The uses are endless!

All sports team players and coaches, assistant coaches etc. can login to their PlayAYF online registration system at any time to post to the Team Chat.  They can view all of the posts and comments - and it’s 100% private. 

Free Communication Feature

The added perk of this great new Team Chat feature to sports associations?  It's absolutely FREE for all PlayAYF customers. There are no additional fees for using the Team Chat.